It’s Not Just for Sending Tokens

The official NANJCOIN wallet for iOS and Android devices is the only wallet for storing NANJ, making transactions with NANJ, and using NANJ to ramp up the excitement while watching your favorite team play. It is an indispensable part of the NANJ Economic Zone.
Unprecedented for an Ethereum token, with the NANJ Wallet you can send NANJ without the need for GAS(you will pay for transaction fees with NANJ. No Ethereum is required), attach messages to your transactions, and use QR codes & NFC tags. Many high-level functions are implemented in a simple, easy-to-use interface. As the wallet is being made public in a “gradual release” you can look forward to new features being added on a regular basis.


No GAS Required

With the NANJ Wallet absolutely no GAS is required to pay for ETH transaction fees. You can make transactions with anyone in the world and all you need to have is NANJCOIN. A world first for Ethereum tokens.

Safe and Secure

As everything takes place on-chain there is no need to worry about a lack of transparency, tamper resistance, or other security issues.

Easy to Use

There are no complicated functions to learn so anyone, young or old, can use this wallet with ease. By scanning QR codes or NFC tags you can make smooth transactions where the only thing required of you is to enter the amount you want to send. Frustrating GAS settings of previous systems are no longer a problem with the NANJ Wallet, where GAS is not required.

Easy to Manage Contacts

By registering an address in your contacts you can send NANJ to the address simply and quickly without having to re-enter the information every time. Its easy to register addresses as contacts from your transaction history as well.

Message Function

Not only can you send NANJ, but you can also attach messages to your transactions to share your thoughts and connect with people in a way you can’t with just currency.*The person receiving the message must also be using the NANJ Wallet.。

Shake Function

This function allows you to increase the amount you send in a transaction by shaking your device up and down. This is perfect for sending mid-game tips as it allows you to have your physical intensity reflected as a number.


You can download the NANJ Wallet from the links below. Please choose the appropriate link for your device.