NANJ Economic Zone

In the NANJ Economic Zone there are three major groups: groups that create programs that target NANJ Users, NANJ Users, and groups that will receive NANJCOIN. The relationship between these groups will effectively expand the reach of the economic zone through the reciprocal influence of their interactions. Participants in the NANJ Economic Zone may belong to any of these groups, and may also affiliate themselves with two groups simultaneously. You can read more on the NANJ Economic Zone, including analyses and use cases for each group, in the White Paper.

All of the Participants in the Economic Zone

  • ● This layout, mapped out in September 2018, is tentative and as such is subject to change depending on the circumstances.
  • *As of September 2018 you can not directly purchase NANJ with fiat currency.
  • *Please choose an exchange that is compliant with your country’s regulations.