What NANJCOIN Provides

NANJCOIN is a cryptocurrency created using blockchain technology with the goal of connecting people and sports in ways that previously didn’t exist. For example, NANJ can be used as a tip to support athletes, as an incentive to encourage more physical activities in society, etc.

Furthermore, with the already released NANJ SDK(Software Development Kit) & WebAPI, a necessary element in the creation of the NANJ Economic Zone, it is easy for developers and entrepreneurs to introduce NANJCOIN into their apps, websites, and businesses.


Token Description

NANJCOIN is a hybrid ERC20/223 standard Ethereum token. ERC20 is currently the most common standard used by Ethereum tokens, however, ERC223 is getting attention as an upwardly compatible and improved version of the ERC20 standard. ERC223 tokens are unaffected by the ERC20 defect in which users’ tokens become unusable if accidentally sent to the contract address. A change in specifications has also led to processing fees for ERC223 tokens sent to contract addresses being halved. As the ERC223 standard is compatible with ERC20, ERC223 is also compatible with the multitude of services and tools available for ERC20 tokens. Future merits include its planned ability to function with revolutionary technologies likes Raiden and Plasma. ERC20/223 hybrids have the ability to send airdrops quickly to large numbers of people with minimal fees, perform lockups, and attach messages to transactions.

  • Token Name: NANJCOIN
  • Token Symbol: NANJ
  • Total Supply: 30,000,000,000 NANJ
  • Lowest Trading Unit: 0.00000001 NANJ
  • Token Standard: ERC20/223 Hybrid

Token Allocation

  • Token Sale...60%
  • Marketing Costs...15%
  • Development Costs...15%
  • Management Team...10%

At present, the 15% allocated for development costs(4,500,000,000 NANJ) is locked up until May 1, 2019.
As of September 9, 2018 there are 19,361,889,557 NANJ in circulation.

Use of Funds

  • Management Costs...50%
  • Product Development...30%
  • Product Maintenance...10%
  • Legal Fees...10%

Most of the funds for product development will be used for SDK and Web API development, official wallet development, and the development of systems necessary to implement use cases. The funds for product maintenance will be used to maintain SDK and Web API servers.